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All bloggers must have heard about the backlinks, the difference is only there that care and some do not. Actually backlink is a combination of two words: - Back = back or reciprocal. and .. - Link = connect to / address of the site. So the word backlinks can be interpreted: A feedback form relationship between the web address of the site with other sites. For example: your link on my blog, and vice versa. Benefits of backlinks Is there any benefit or function backlinks to your blog / site? The answer of course there is! Please refer to the following backlink benefits: - Improving the quality and maximize the SEO blog blog in the SERP. - Assist and accelerate your blog / website to make it more popular. - Increasing visitor traffic. - Increase Pagerank blog / site. Since it is very important benefit or function backlinks for your blog, it is not surprising if the blog owner busy to hunt backlinks in order to improve the quality of their blogs. So how about you? Have you hunt and get backlinks? SEO or extension of the (Search Engine Optimization) is a method or technique to create a website or a blog we are on the page / one position in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Understanding of SEO is also very spacious but all include the same thing that optimize a web page / blog that is on the page / one position with targeted keywords. That Was Meaning Of Seo Backlink

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