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advanced seo services SEO has changed hugely in 2013 and 2014. Unfortunately many SEO firms haven’t. Optimization (SEO) is still an essential tool as you’re competing for business . The Yellow Pages and other similar ways of advertising have been on the way out since 2007, so making sure you are easily found on the is a vital goal for your company. Are you tracking where your business shows up in Google searches? If your competition is ranking before you, you are definitely missing out on business opportunities. Over 60% of business leads from online searches is going to the top 3 searches. It’s time to get help now! You probably know this, but not all SEO services are equal. There are techniques that are considered bad by Google and other , and this list changes with each new Google update. These techniques are referred to as ’black-hat’ SEO techniques and UZU Media refuses to use them. Research this further in our blog describing the distinctions of Good vs. Bad SEO (engines (though this is fixable). Link building is still somewhat important, but you need to know the difference between a natural link building process and buying links. Something to watch out for: Anyone that says they can guarantee top ranking. More than likely you’ll get ripped off by them. They may get you ranked for something, but it probably won’t help your business. We’ve seen it happen. Is SEO Really That Difficult? Well, yes and no. SEO is consistently changing because the search engines are always refining their process. If you don’t keep up with the changes, you could find yourself out in the cold. Best case with this - you’re not quite showing up where you want to. Worst case - you could get penalized or de-indexed by Google. What used to get you in the top spot might now carry severe penalties. Google’s ’job’ is to bring the best results to its users. This is in their interest or else users will go to BING or back to YAHOO! and that will cost them. The complexities of their changes demand that you keep up with them in order to remain effective in your SEO strategies. Do you know about the most recent Panda update or the huge Penguin 2.0 update? What will happen when the next update occurs and how will it affect your strategy and tactics? We keep up with the changes so that you don’t have to. There is a plethora of free SEO education out there. Just make sure it’s up to date with the most recent algorithm changes. Even material 6 months out of date could lead to decisions that affect your website’s rankings. Is your SEO company still suggesting advertorials? Yikes! And if you buy links or advertising that passes page rank, look out for penalties. Have you seen how many companies have gotten hit with penalties recently because of bad SEO? It’s not pretty. Check out our recent blog on this year’s big Panda 4.0 Update for an example of this.

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